What Is Sotogrande Like In The Winter?

Although Sotogrande is best known as a luxury holiday resort and is typically associated with the warm summer months—when its beach clubs, nightlife and marina teem with life—, it is also a destination for endless winter pursuits. Many are drawn to Sotogrande and take permanent residence to enjoy the wonderful mild winter climate in this area of Southern Spain.

In the winter season, Sotogrande continues to be an ideal place to live, to take delight in its year-round sunshine, and to enjoy an extensive range of leisure pursuits and services offering.

During the less warm months, peace and quiet reigns in Sotogrande. This time of year is perfect for enjoying the local beaches, landscapes, sports and restaurants in a very different and special way, which only permanent residents are fortunate enough to experience.

A Mild Climate All Year Round

Experiencing wintertime in Sotogrande can be very pleasant. Although the weather is cooler than in summer, the vast majority of days are sunny and warm. With daytime temperatures typically ranging between 15°C and 20°C, outdoor activities are guaranteed. These include leisurely strolling down the beach, shooting some golf, hiking, cycling or horseback riding along local hacking routes that highlight the natural beauty of the landscape surrounding Sotogrande.

When the mercury dips down, going on an outing inland or along the coast is also a very pleasant experience. Benefitting from a strategic location, Sotogrande sits very close to Gibraltar, Marbella, Malaga and a number of charming Andalusian mountain towns, among which Gaucin, Casares, Ronda, Grazalema and Arcos de la Frontera. This means you can easily enjoy a stroll along the Cadiz coast, also known as Costa de la Luz, or take a spectacular roadtrip across the provincial towns.

Sports And High Society All Year-Round

Winter in Sotogrande is the quintessential golf season, which is most important from September to May and attracts the world’s golf elite to some of the best golf courses in Spain.
You can also enjoy the Santa Maria Polo Club and some polo tournaments that take place this time of year.

With such a cosmopolitan and friendly scene, Sotogrande creates a great sense and feeling of community, especially at festive times when charity balls, cultural events and Christmas markets take to the streets and add to the winter-season atmosphere. Many homeowners in the area who are escaping the cold and damp Northern European weather choose to vacation with friends and family, gather at home, and visit the many cosy and fine local restaurants. It is also a tradition at this time of year to have a spot of lunch in one of the various country restaurants—known among locals as ventas—located in the surrounding towns and along country roads.

Sotogrande is also home to a large sports offering. The Sotogrande Racquet Centre and the Octogono Paddle Tennis and Tennis Club make their tennis and paddle tennis courts available all year round.

Winter Sports In Sotogrande

Sotogrande is also a great destination for winter sports lovers. Just an hour’s drive away is the Sierra Nevada ski resort, which offers extensive slopes to cater to all levels of experience and activities such as snowshoeing, sledging and snowboarding.
Sierra Nevada is the perfect place to enjoy the snow with the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop.

With 110 km of slopes, Sierra Nevada is a paradise for winter sports in Southern Europe – both to ski on your own and to take beginners ski or snowboard lessons.

Sierra Nevada also offers a plethora of activities for non-skiers who want to enjoy the snow. In the activity park you will find doughnuts, slides and a magic carpet. Alternatively, you can also book an unforgettable snowshoeing tour, a dog sledging trip, or a unique snowcat driving experience.

In short, winter living in Sotogrande is a pleasant experience thanks to the good weather and the large number of outdoor activities and cultural pursuits that can be enjoyed.

If we have managed to convince you and you are now considering moving permanently to Sotogrande, be sure to visit our Sphere Sotogrande residential scheme where year-round living is sheer pleasure.