Penthouses – The Jewel In Sphere Sotogrande’s Crown

For some time now, penthouses have become the ultimate object of desire—both as a primary or secondary residence, or as an investment—for high net worth individuals (HNWIs). Highly sophisticated penthouses, located in privileged areas, boasting generous sized terraces and the best views.

Their exclusivity, along with greater privacy and an abundance of natural light, are but some of the privileges that make these homes the most coveted properties these days.
Furthermore, they are a rare luxury – for every average residential project spanning 5 floors and comprising 20 apartments, only 2 are typically penthouses. This shortage of supply imparts particular qualities to penthouses, such as special, privileged, preferential, and much sought after, which is why they are in buoyant demand compared to other properties.

Memories are short and we fail to remember that just a few decades ago, the trend was moving in the opposite direction. The closer to street level—and therefore to the building’s entrance—the better social standing of the dweller. Today, touching the sky is one of the biggest dreams of ultra-high-net-worth-individuals (UHNWIs).

Penthouses – The Perfect Investment Product For UHNWIs

These homes with sky-high views are not within the reach of the average pocketbook but of those willing to pay between 20% and 30% more than for a property located on any of the other floors in the building. For some time now, these residences—the main appeal of which is usually their terraces and private gardens—have become the most coveted item on the property market.

Luxury penthouses are an excellent investment for UHNWIs for a number of reasons. Firstly, because they are typically located in the most exclusive and coveted areas, which means that their value remains high and often increases over time. This makes them a highly attractive option for those seeking to invest in prime real estate.

Secondly, penthouses offer a high degree of privacy, seclusion and security, which ranks high among the wealthy looking to protect their assets and privacy. In addition, penthouses are often equipped with luxury features and amenities, such as private swimming pools, spas, and sun decks, making them a highly appealing choice for those seeking a privileged lifestyle.

Another reason why prime penthouses are a sound investment for UHNWIs is their wealth of space and unique, modern design, which makes them uber popular among those looking for a spacious, state-of-the-art home. In addition, many luxury penthouses boast large terraces or private gardens, and this gives residents the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and the sky-high views.

Duplex Penthouses in Sotogrande

Because we are well aware of the importance of this type of property, we at Sphere Sotogrande offer you 11 outstanding duplex penthouses, starting from 270 sq m for a three-bedroom and boasting more than 200 sq m of open-air terrace.
Only two of those—the absolute jewels in the crown—also include a private swimming pool and a large sun deck with a complete lounging area, in addition to an outdoor summer kitchen.

The exteriors of the penthouses at Sphere Sotogrande are immaculately designed and feature shading elements for added comfort and visual acuity.

Boasting three or four bedrooms, these Sotogrande penthouses offer you the chance to wake up in a roomy master suite affording the best views of the natural surroundings.
In addition, Sphere Sotogrande’s penthouses feature imposing two-storey living rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow an abundance of natural light to flood into all the living spaces. These are furthermore designed to avoid any visual interruptions – to the point that you can easily see the outside from the minute you set foot in the property.

These are beyond a shadow of a doubt the jewels in the crown of Sotogrande.