A Fresh Start For The New Year In Sphere Sotogrande

We find ourselves leaving behind a year marked by major international events: the last throes of the pandemic—now in its final twitches thanks to the remarkable swiftness with which the scientific community has developed highly effective vaccines—, a regrettable war between Russia and the Ukraine, the energy crisis, the soccer World Cup …

For us, 2022 has been a year of new beginnings. A year in which the seeds we sowed a few years back, with the idea of our Sphere Sotogrande project, have finally begun to sprout. Let us take a trip down memory lane and learn about the story of Sphere Sotogrande.

A Little Background …

We had been looking to develop a “sustainable” scheme for quite some time. Specifically, since 2017, when an engineer who sought to buy a plot of land from us to develop an ecological scheme got in touch with us. The idea captivated us to the point that we asked him to assess a boutique scheme we had in Madrid. However, as luck would have it, and due to some business reasons, the partnership did not finally come to fruition.

However, making his acquaintance got us interested in sustainability and energy efficiency. And as a result of our innate curiosity, we at ONYS became Passivhaus-certified.

Shortly after, we engrossed ourselves in the study of alternative property transactions – mainly coliving options and student residence halls. Notions such as “community generation”, mix of uses, and “hotel-like” services began to emerge. Until then such notions had been alien to the residential property segment.
Although until then we had designed our residential developments with the client’s functional needs in mind, we had not considered it a space for interpersonal relationships. This led us to the WELL Building Standard, a certification aimed at supporting built spaces that positively impact people’s health and well-being.
Then came the COVID-19 and the pandemic cut short the alternative business line.

But the process left us with some clear identity traits that, along with existing ones—such as commitment, enthusiasm, nonconformity—encouraged us to continue seeking new solutions and understanding homes as a protective environment for our health. A welcoming and attractive environment to lead a quality life and one that would contribute to emotional well-being.

This is today the core of all our projects, around which we promote sustainability, reuse and recycling – in line with our clients’ economic capacity.

In this transition, in 2019, we decided to formalise the development of ESG measures in our efforts to incorporate these criteria into our DNA, particularly in the fields of sustainability and the environment.

By the turn of 2020, the opportunity arose to buy a plot of land in Sotogrande. That was when it became clear to us: this was the opportunity to develop our way of understanding the modern residential complex, one which would include space, comfort and well-being solutions, as well as hotel-like services.

And That’s How We Get To Where We Are Today … Sphere Sotogrande

Sphere Sotogrande was—and still is—an idea that is brewed and moulded as the creative process unfolds.

We have bitterly realised that the means required for a circular project of such size and level of ambition are not readily available on the market. In addition, the property sector is rather stiff and not gladly open to new ideas, and responds to a construction and financial activity that only feels comfortable under traditional management and compensation systems.

For these reasons, we consider Sphere to be a trailblazing project. Sphere is undoubtedly leading the field into approaching property developments in a whole new way.

2022 will go down in history as the year in which we launched our notion of an innovative, sustainable scheme, designed to improve the quality of life of its residents. An environmentally-friendly project championing the idea of comfort and well-being. A project of exquisite beauty and design that seeks to meet (and exceed) the expectations of the most discerning buyer.
2022 has finally witnessed the birth of Sphere Sotogrande. We are certain that 2023 will see the scheme’s consolidation. Fancy being a part of Sphere Sotogrande?